Why I'm Running

I believe that our young people have so much potential and are pivotal pieces to the positive transformation of our city. We have the opportunity to address obstacles in education and maximize opportunities. With the elected board on the verge of gaining an increased ability to drive and impact change, it is crucial to ensure the right people are leading this effort. Now, more than ever, the residents of St. Louis need to be demanding of and intelligent about who we choose to represent our young people and our families.

Commitment to Quality

I believe that we should be delivering a high-quality educational experience to all students. We need effective training and useful professional development that ensures teachers, support staff, school leaders, and district administrators are fully equipped to commit to excellence. We need to ensure that curriculum, experiences, counseling, college advising, career exposure, and leadership development are the best so that our students can be the best.

Financial Transparency

We hear all too often that we don't have enough money in public education. That being the case, we need to be more intentional about how we use the resources we have. We need to be clear and open about budgets and budget management, who we contract with, and proper planning around money we intend to spend. 



I believe in the voice of the people. As a board member, my job will be to work for the students and families of SLPS. I want to make sure students and families know they have a voice, and that voice is valued by increasing advocacy platforms and ensuring appropriate and timely action is taken.