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The Big 3

Hi everyone,

I wanted to make sure I share my Big 3 -- the three points for my platform and what I hope to work on while on the Board of Education for St. Louis Public Schools:

1 - Commitment to Quality

All students deserve a high-quality education. We need effective training, useful professional development, and quality experiences that prepare students for the world. We need to set a high bar, and work to meet it. I believe we should recruit, train, retain, and compensate high quality educators to ensure every SLPS school is a high-quality option as well as expose students early to career fields and and consistently connect that experience to classroom learning.

2 - Financial Transparency

We need to be smart about how we use the resources we have. I'll work to create clear, collaborative, and open practices around building and managing our budget. If our money is thin, we need to be using it the right way.

3 - Increased Advocacy

Your voice matters. I want to make sure students and families know they have a voice, and that voice is valued. I promise to be accessible and increase advocacy platforms, ensuring appropriate and timely action is taken. This means holding office hours on a regular basis in different city locations to open up dialogue, allowing students and families to drive the creation of platforms that allow their voices to be heard, and taking necessary and timely action to give power to these voices.

I hope you will like, comment, and share. Please support with a donation. Every bit helps! I look forward to your support on November 6th. #AdamForSLPS

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